Why IndigiPress?

IndigiPress started out of an idea: Indigenous people empower themselves and their communities by nurturing creative expression that addresses their concerns, talents, and challenges. If emerging Indigenous writers can bring their work to an Indigenous publishing group who respects their vision, then Indigenous writers will have the freedom to express themselves more authentically and honestly. The non-Native publishing world puts up significant cultural and logistical barriers; by being Native-operated, IndigiPress opens the floodgate, amplifying strong Indigenous voices and uplifting Native communities.

IndigiPress started out of a necessity: There is a need for a platform supporting diverse opinions, in-depth analyses, and ongoing conversation between Indigenous authors about issues important to Indigenous readers; for a space where honest inquiry is not inhibited by a fear of backlash. Even though new Indigenous artists and writers abound, many of us don’t have a platform where we can share our work. In addition, as Indigenous readers we lack access to work that is relevant to us. In fact, many Indigenous readers have limited access to most published work that is relevant to us, including the stories originating in our own communities.

IndigiPress promises: We promise to support emerging and experienced writers; we promise to share our literary and publishing knowledge. We promise to uphold traditions of author care and editorial expertise in the production process with eyes that are sensitive to Indigenous writers and artists. There is power in writing your truth.


Read more about this from our editorial team:

Adrian L. Jawort

Why IndigiPress?

Because we need “a bastion of Indigenous artistic talent and truths” is why.

Despite there being a plethora of online publications in media today, a place of critical thought and opinions regarding Indigenous peoples is something sorely lacking as editors take a paternalistic approach to matters affecting us.


Cinnamon Kills First

Why IndigiPress?

Because my words deserve to stand up straight.

We sat in his office on the second floor of the Raven House at Dartmouth College. Professor Garrod, the editor of an anthology of Native American student stories soon to be published by Cornell University Press, reviewed my submission. He said, “You use words in this piece that are not English. Don’t you think they should be italicized?” (continued)

Frederick Otilius K’yuuhlgaansii Olsen

Why IndigiPress?

Our lives and our words matter. Telling our own stories in our own way matters. Our Native authors need peers. We need more Native American, American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian published authors. We need more First Nation and Meti and Inuit authors. (continued)

Patricia Heinicke Jr.

Why IndigiPress?

The publishing industry has all but ignored Indigenous authors, deeming them “too ethnic,” “too distant,” “too discordant,” “too narrow,” or simply too far removed from the traditions and rubrics of the book world.

Because history. Because exclusion. (continued)

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